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      Terms and Conditions

1. In this agreement and all documents referred to heron, singular words shall include plural words, words importing a person shall apply to corporations and masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter genders and two or more renters shall be bound jointly and severally.

2. The appliance shall remain the sole and absolute property of the owner and the renter shall not sell, assign, pledge, underlet, lend or otherwise part with possession of the appliance and shall not without the owner’s written consent remove the appliance from the address set out above. The renter will protect the appliance against distress, execution or seizure and indemnify the owner against all losses.

3. The renter shall indemnify the owner, and keep them indemnified against all loss of, or damage to, the appliance howsoever occasion, and the renter shall at his own expense insure the appliance to its full replacement value as agreed in the above schedule, against loss or damage from any cause. The renter agrees to be responsible for insuring the appliance fully until such time as the appliance is received by the owner. The renter shall continue making rental payments until the full value of the loss or damage has been paid to the owner.

4. The owner shall not be liable for any consequential damage or loss occasioned by the breakdown or malfunction of the goods, but the owner undertakes to keep the appliance serviced, and to repair and replace any parts which are faulty due to fair wear and tear. The owner’s responsibility shall not exceed refund of the hiring fee paid, or supply of substitute goods for another hiring period of equal value.

5. If the contract is altered to a shorter term, then the standard rental rate for the shorter term shall apply.

6. The renter at the expiration of the initial term of rental stated in schedule shall continue renting the appliance at the rental rate currently being paid until the renter shall terminate the renting by giving no less than 4 working hours notice of termination to the owner and by returning the said goods to the owner at his place of business, or as the owner shall direct.

7. If the renter defaults in payment of rental and such default has continued for a period in excess of seven (7) days then the owner, servants or agents may, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies they may have the virtue of this agreement or otherwise, attend to the collection of the arrears of rental and/or appliance, and the renter shall reimburse and indemnify the owner for all the losses, costs charges and expenses of whatever nature incurred by the owner in or about the collecting or attempting to collect the arrears of rental and/or appliance.

8. The renter shall notify the owner of change of address within seven (7) days, failure of the renter to notify the owner of change of address constitutes a waiver by the renter of the obligation clause 6 that notice be provided by the owner on default of the agreement.

9. The owner shall be entitled at any time to assign the benefit of the agreement to any person, firm or company.

10. Where a bond has been paid to the owner, the bond will be retained by the owner for the duration of this agreement and the amount be refunded to the renter at termination of the renting and uton the return of the appliance to the owner providing the renter has duly complied with all the terms and conditions therein. The owner shall be entitled to deduct from the bond any monies due to them by the renter under this agreement.

11. Where any amount is outstanding at the time of termination of the rental, or at any other time, the renter expressly authorises the owner to charge such amount to any current credit card account, held in the name of the renter.

12. If the owner considers it relevant to assess my/our application for credit, I/we agree to him obtaining a report about my/our commercial activities or commercial credit worthiness from any agency which provides same.

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